A number of Wall Boulevard analysts have a message from Jim Dalrymple on the iPhone 5 release delay. The rumor stated that there is no new iPhone appearance in the WWDC June 2011, is not just a loose baggy because Jim Dalrymple wrote on The Loop that Apple fan should not expect a new iPhone. His website is great sources and he previously worked at Apple for almost 10 years. 


His fame was at least enough to give headaches to analysts and shareholders to explain why Apple is unlikely this year in June for the first time since 2007 with an iPhone coming in May.

Apple shares fell after the opening of the fair light $ 3.05 (0.9%) and analyst Jason Schwarz of the Seeking Alpha example of why Steve Jobs hates bloggers:

"Today we have a perfect example of why Steve Jobs hates bloggers."

The rumor in the blogosphere was enough to Apple's share will drop and he criticized Dalrymple and MG Siegler of TechCrunch their messages with rumors that they only publish to attract visitors.

Siegler and Dalrymple have a combined history of Apple scoops and Dalrymple After criticism from analysts once again confirmed that it is not speculation, and that he has very good sources inside Apple who confirmed the June Apple iPhone will launch in May:

"This is not speculation on my part at all. I have very good sources That Have CONFIRMED my Monday post to be true. "

No iPhone June 5 in September, but perhaps if we are to believe the latest rumors ….


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