Why the iPhone 5s, now not iPhone 5S


performance_iphone5sThe long-awaited presentation of  “Apple” of new products took place yesterday. In addition to the design and performance of new products the company also revealed a new interesting detail : The changed in identifying suffix S on the iPhone. This has happened before – the first generation version of the full number was called “3G S”. It is a space before the letter S. Then Apple did not attach much importance the separate writing of the names of the model, as a result, the media started writing “3GS”, and the world has settled. “iPhone 4S” is the default was no space .

At the presentation on Tuesday it became known that the indices in the title of your new iPhone have changed again . But this time, it came to no gaps, and sensitive. The latest Apple smartphone called “Phone 5s” and “iPhone 5c”, with a lowercase letter “s” at the end.

This means that the correct name of the “iPhone 5s”, not “iPhone 5S”. The same goes for iPhone 5c. Moreover, the company has decided not to dwell on the new phones , and took hold of the old – “iPhone 4S” is now officially called “iPhone 4s”. The unit itself is thus not in any way changed.

So, the basic question : what is the reason for the change? Let’s face it – the topic is concerned only media and bloggers , for ordinary users anyway , iPhone 5S or 5s in the bag . However, an interesting question . As it turned out , the answer is much simpler than it seems.


Twitter- correspondence between the co-founding father of Twelve South Andrew Inexperienced and Macworld editor Dan Frakes logically justifies the choice to Apple:

” The truth that the title “iPhone 5S ” can confuse folks . Shoppers can simply see two fives as a substitute of 5S ( fifty five , now not 5S), or vice versa – to peer the 2 letters S, however now not 5S (SS). In different phrases , the letter S is an excessive amount of just like the quantity 5 , and vice versa. “

As for the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5C, then at Apple, it seems that simply made up our minds to not allocate the remainder of the smartphone fashions and led all names to the identical household.

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