It is usually a topic of style: some individuals to find the adjustment knobs spherical of iOS 5 stunning, others to find it an needless "development". But there’s scientific proof that the spherical buttons anyway comfy for our eyes. As a result of they’re more straightforward to work via our brains. The human eye circles seems more straightforward to acknowledge than sq. and rectangular faces.


Iosround (1)

Also, rounded corners that the focus towards the inside. You should soon give a presentation, it is therefore recommended that your main arguments in a circle,. You can also connect lines in a diagram to give the most rounded corners.Rectangular panels focus attention precisely on the outside.

Whether they are beautiful or not is still a matter of taste. But try it out on the images below: for rectangular buttons you should think longer to 'get' or the buttons on or off? According to the theory that the case should be. You still need a rectangle, then it's best flat with rounded corners

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