Why The Rumored Dual-Camera For iPhone 7 Might Be A Game-Changer



Rumors about the iPhone 7 are floating on the web: from the possibility of waterproof to the absence of headset port and a new dual camera. A camera with two lenses can allow us to capture images with higher quality, but may also have other capabilities, including the ability to focus after making the photo or video. Apple filed a patent in January in which he explains one of the uses that might have this dual camera.

The patent describes an iPhone with a lens such as we find in the iPhone 6s and telephoto his side would be able to capture photos and videos with extended zoom. Logically, also it includes special software so that everything could work. Right now, Apple has already included software to stop digital zoom, but the new system would provide images with less noise.


The software described in his patent Apple could afford to switch between the two lenses without difficulty. In addition, the images allow us to expand more than the software allows us through the second chamber without the user having to do anything. MacRumors has uploaded a video to their YouTube channel in which he explains how it would work.

In the video below, we can also see how the iPhone 7 would be recording a scene while the zoom control in the second window. To be honest, the video is not quiet convincing, unless, as in slow motion, you can have the ability yo choose how to save or share the video. If Apple adds a default transition or a choice between several, we could see a full screen as it will hit at normal speed, a transition, the batter slow and close camera and return to the original image to see how the player starts his career.

Logically, not say anything in this patent, it is clear that with a dual camera, you can capture images with two references, which imitates the vision. If Apple did not include the possibility natively, It would only be a matter of days to arrive to any third-party application that would allow us to simulate a 3D effect. But first you have to get an iPhone with a dual camera, which could be released in six months.

(Source: MacRumors)

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