Why You Should not upgrade to Windows 10



Everybody is talking about the Windows 10, yet you still the old version. If you use Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, the update will be free update during the first year of system availability. But you hesitate. And you can not be wrong, because there are several reasons not to plunge.

Like many people you may have made the mistake to move from Windows XP to Windows Vista. Or Windows 7 to Windows 8. Nevertheless, we now have learned to be wary of new versions of Microsoft’s operating system, which, behind these campaigns released to cost millions of dollars, enough hiding often several problems.

If you are in a positive state of mind rather then treat yourself to the 10 good reasons to proceed with the update, otherwise read on.


1 – You have an old PC and / or use Windows XP or Vista

If your machine is old enough then know that Windows 10 does not show less greedy than the previous editions, be it Windows Vista, 7 or 8. It will have at least a processor running at 1 GHz 1 GB of RAM for 32-bit architectures or 2 GB of RAM for 64-bit.

In addition, holders of Windows XP and Windows Vista do not offer free migration to Windows 10. Also, it will not be possible to keep its data; it will then proceed to a full format from a USB memory stick installation. A bit off-putting for the average person.
2 – An unfinished Start menu


With Windows 10, Microsoft promises the re-introduction of the Start menu. Yes, finally, say that this is primarily a launcher in which the publisher has to digest its Modern UI environment. It will not be possible to directly access a specific parameter or fly over a folder to view its contents. Each icon resuming the colored background of the default theme, it will be increasingly difficult enough to distinguish them.
3 – onedrive backtracked

With Windows 8, the integration of onedrive was pushed to the maximum. The user was able to interact with placeholders, that is to say, very light files for viewing the document list or thumbnails of your photos stored on onedrive. It was therefore not necessary to synchronize all locally and the device is incorporated in the same search engine. Right click on a placeholder enough to make the file or folder accessible offline. But through user feedback, Microsoft has determined that the device was too confused and returned to the partial synchronization base.
4 – Gadgets disappearance

With Windows 10, Microsoft removed Gadgets previously introduced with Vista and 7. The latter could however be practical to quickly check the weather, the price of a security traded, the news of an RSS feed, consumption of the CPU or listen to streaming radio. Incidentally, next to El Capitan OS X system, Apple has kept its Dashboard widgets.
5 – Your devices and software are not compatible

With each new version of Windows comes with its share of notification of software and hardware updates. Oh sure, some programs will work but it will not necessarily be readily optimized for Windows 10. These do not necessarily take care of the center of notifications or nor will interface with Cortana.


Moreover, device manufacturers, be it a pair of speakers, a printer or scanner may not be necessarily published the correct drivers for Windows 10 and will do so probably not before a while. What good then hurry to the update?
6 – Windows Media Center farewell


With Windows XP Media Center, Microsoft turned the PC into a true entertainment center. Directly from their PC remotely controlled by a remote control, it was possible to regain her photos, videos, music, listen to his radio streaming or set the TV card. The application is available on Vista and 7 and Pro via the Windows 8 Pro Pack. With Windows 10, exit Media Center. It will juggle among applications Groove Music, Video or Xbox. The ambition of the living room PC is destroyed.
7 – You have many machines, or just one

With Windows 8.1, it was possible to connect their Microsoft account on 81 machines in total. This means that all data and installed applications were synchronized on all these PCs. With Windows 10, this number drops to 10. But with Windows 10, the term machinery includes PCs but also tablets, smartphones or games console Xbox One. If you tend to collect these devices, if you have to perform various tests or web development software on multiple machines, this limit will be reached quickly.

Conversely, if you are on Windows XP, Vista or 7 and have only a single PC, Windows Synchronization 10 will bring you nothing. No one therefore needs to transfer data to Microsoft’s servers. This feature is not for you and does not justify the upgrade.
8 – Uncontrollable updates

For Windows 10, Microsoft has changed the terms of use and make use of the system it will accept the seamless installation in the background of automatic updates. These will be deployed at various frequencies depending on the Windows Update channel chosen by the user. Windows 10 will be truly secure. In practice, one can expect some problems. An update may for example result in closing the program being used. This is particularly the case for a graphics driver … yes because the latter, formerly part of the optional updates are immediately installed … even though the manufacturer would have on its website a more Version This recent driver.

Sometimes it is not completely wrong to wait a few days before installing an update, especially when it is a problem and that it is better to first wait for the deployment of a patch by Microsoft. But we imagine that many users will choose the rapid deployment channel.
9 – Unfinished native applications

Despite the promise of universal applications, Microsoft Windows 10 gives us a sense of unfinished business, particularly as regards software included by default.

This is for example the case of Groove Music player, which shows no thrust management option for its music library like changing information about a song or an album. It is not possible to have a compact playback mode. The mail client Mail does not even propose to add an email as spam while eagerly awaited Edge browser extensions will not arrive until later via an update … Finally crashes these applications are fairly frequent , including photos and even for the Windows Store.

10 – An unstable update

At the time of writing, the millions of people who reserved their update trying to install. However, things do not seem to go as planned. Some experience problems downloading, while others are blocked during installation … in short, do not install Windows 10…

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