Now not the primary time speaks of the complexity of Android when in comparison with iOS and it seems that this is the basic reason for which, Android users use less to connect to wireless networks.And I say appears, review the latest report from comScore, Which measured the number of smatphone participants  that connect to operators and Wi-Fi to provide information on patterns of Internet access through the markets of United States and UK.



Among its conclusions, the analysis shows a significantly higher percentage of iPhones that Android phones to connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi networks. These figures speak of 71% of connections to wireless networks of users with iOS devices, comp
ared with 32% of users with Android equipped devices.

"With the rise in adoption of smartphones, tablets, and other connected devices, network operators have seen a surge in mobile web activity and face new challenges in keeping up with data demands while maintaining their quality of service," said Serge Matta, comScore President of Operator and Mobile Solutions. "As bandwidth usage increases and the spectrum becomes more scarce, operators, OEMs, and others in the mobile ecosystem should understand the different dynamics between the use of mobile and Wi-Fi networks to develop strategies to optimize resources and provide their customers with continued high-quality network service"

 This directly affects the mobile network operators, as they have seen an increase of the data used on 3G, forcing them to face new challenges to keep pace with the demands of data without affecting the quality of service, as has been noticing for years and in Movistar.


Personal and subjectively, I think this is one of the reasons why Vodafone has decided to launch the setup of new devices sold in their stores as well as marketing campaign


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