WiFiFoFum Pro Jailbreak Tweak: wireless scanner for iOS 7

WiFiFoFum Pro Jailbreak Tweak: wireless scanner for iOS 7Including Wi-Fi on your iPhone or iPad, often find dozens of different networks, particularly in the city center . But open access point is not easy to find. WiFiFoFum application for jailbroken devices solves the problem of searching for open networks Wi-Fi. And that’s just one of the features of the program from DynamicallyLoaded. WiFiFoFum Pro allows you to get information on all networks Wi-Fi, which are close to your iPhone and optimize network settings for maximum performance . The program is available for devices running iOS 7 beginning with the jailbreak, scans the wireless network , analyzes the data and displays them in detail settings , ranging from the level of interference to the statistics and graphs of received signal level . WiFiFoFum Pro Jailbreak Tweak: wireless scanner for iOS 7 After starting WiFiFoFum Pro you will see the main window with five tabs. First Networks displays all active ( detected ) network Wi-Fi. Here you can view a summary of each network : ID , signal strength ( in percentage and in dB) , the channel number , the type of encryption , Mac- address , interference , operation , etc. Update is performed automatically . The second tab shows Nearby wireless networks around your device. This mode provides three viewing modes – standard, satellite , hybrid, and a list . For each access point are the exact coordinates and distance. WiFiFoFum provides a comprehensive list of information about the quality of the signal indicates the next connection point on the map and alerts on changing the signal reception. WiFiFoFum Pro Jailbreak Tweak: wireless scanner for iOS 7 WiFiFoFum Pro can also act as a radar. On the Radar shows nearest Wi-Fi network with an indication of the signal level , and channel capacity . And finally , the fourth tab Logging logs all access points detected iPhone . When this mode is enabled smartphone runs in scanner mode wireless networks. The application saves the data , noting the discovered access points on the map. After that you can go back to them at any time – find out the location of networks , name, signal strength, and more. At the fifth Settings tab , you can specify the display mode signal , select a filter networks , specify sorting and precision mode for “Radar” . WiFiFoFum available for download in the store Cydia. The program is free , Pro version costs $4.99 .

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