Will Apple going to bring to a halt Google Maps for iOS?



According to The Guardian, the Google Maps application for iOS is currently in development but this is unlikely to be approved by Apple wants to promote its own mapping service launched with iOS 6.

If we are to believe The Guardian, it moves side to activate Google which currently developing an application for Google Maps be used in iOS. Citing internal sources at Google, our British colleagues argue that the proposed app is expected to arrive for the month of December but it has, however, little chance of success because Apple would primarily impose its own mapping service launched with iOS 6. These sources say so “very optimistic” about the fact that the future can obtain the applicable approval from Apple.

Since the arrival of iOS 6, Apple has replaced Google Maps mapping service application natively integrated into a new service “homemade” but much criticized since his arrival because of its approximations are too large. Although Apple has acknowledged that the new mapping service was not “completely developed,” the Cupertino push customers to use a maximum in order to participate actively in its correction.

Apple could cut off a product better than his own, and thus at the same time deprive its customers of Google project? Casey Newton website Cnet, he does not believe in any case a second. “Fear of rejection is the Apple default emotional state of development for Apple devices,” said he. And recall Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, following the release of plans which he had invited users to opt for alternatives “trying mapping applications on the App Store, like Bing, MapQuest and Waze, or use Google Maps or Nokia by going to their website and creating an icon leading to their web application on the Home screen. ‘

Other traders also believe that Apple would find “the wall” if he were to refuse the Google Maps utility for iOS. Particularly because the authorities might get entangled, as used to be already the case for Google Voice.

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