Will Siri To Beatbox For You If You Ask Her?


Siri beatbox

Siri answers many of our questions throughout the day, no doubt. Siri will gradually grow to offer more support for our daily work. Apple started to put the batteries with the arrival of Cortana, who was slightly higher than Apple assistant. But Siri we always keep some room for humor, and there is virtually no month to discover a new surprise about this curious responses of our traveling companion iOS devices. Video shows you the result of asking Siri to do “beatbox” for us.

There are always people bored enough to ask crazy questions to Siri, in this case, the question was “beatbox” and the result was kind of disturbing, after listening and identifying the request, a  melodic verse in which repeated “boots and cats and boots and cats and boots and cats” and “cats and boots and cats and boots and cats and boots…”. You might not have any sense, but it does, because it is a way a lot of people use to start a melody made through oral sounds.

The strange thing about all this is that someone somewhere in the world asking it to Siri, but you have an Apple engineer who has spent his time in scheduling the virtual assistant to perform this function. We should also keep in mind that we have not found a way to make it work in Castilian, so if you want to see for yourself you get to set Siri in English. Although the video we’ve left up there is enough to see how bad given the music and rhythm poor Siri sounds, for that, a little robotic. We will continue making regular requests with the intent that it does not rain much.(Source just cuz [YouTube])

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