A few hours after officially deployed Windows 10 with first eligible persons, Microsoft unveils the first digits.

In July, shortly before the release of Windows 10 in the final version, Microsoft explained that his test program consisted of 5 million Windows Insiders. These have been prioritized for receiving the update to the last final build and activation of the system. But more broadly, Microsoft deployed its OS on a larger number of eligible machines.

On its official blog, the team responsible for developing Windows announces that after 24 hours of availability, 14 million PCs are now equipped with Windows 10. However, the Redmond says, “we still have a lot of upgrades to deploy to all of you who made the booking. ”

In this case the update is free for the first 12 months of availability. However for comparison, Microsoft explained that he sold more than 60 million Windows 7 licenses between the date of its release 22 October 2009 and 31 December of the same year. In late November 2012, a month after the availability of Windows 8, the company announced that it had surpassed the 40 million expired licenses. However, these figures include lay-day pay, but also with OEM licenses distributed.


For the deployment of the upgrade to Windows 10, Microsoft has reserved 40TB / s of bandwidth to various CDN. According to Sandvine company specializing in network analysis, during the early hours of availability, Windows Insiders recovering the final version of Windows 10 generated between 6 and 8% of the overall Internet traffic.

Microsoft aims to install Windows 10 on a billion machines in two to three years.

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