Windows 10 build 9901 shows Cortana, new Xbox app and more




Windows 10 build 9901 has many new features in all aspects. To begin, we must say that already, the upcoming Microsoft operating system comes with Cortana fully functional , even now you can activate the voice command “Hey Cortana”. At first this new Build can not be downloaded officially, Microsoft said they have no plan to release any new version for the remainder of the year.


The app store has a new design, so that comment now more minimalist. The Calculator has also been redesigned, further developments are a new splash screen and new wallpapers. Again they have introduced new animations and the taskbar has a new design. Finally time to talk about the system configuration, the visual aspect has been improved significantly, in our view for the better.


Next month Microsoft do you plan to do an event on Windows 10 is expected to present the version for phones and tablets, also will discuss games for Windows, the Redmond want to give more importance to PC games, a market that Steam today dominates with its digital platform. An interesting event is expected, hopefully talk in depth about all the new features of Windows 10. Although possibly reserve something for the Build 2015, held in San Francisco from April 29 to May 1.

We would like to try a Preview of Windows 10 for phones and tablets, many changes are expected, have not seen anything about merging Windows Phone with Windows RT. The app store should be the same for all devices, we also have outstanding at run Windows applications on any device, but do not expect current desktop applications running on ARM phones or tablets.

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