Microsoft has finally started the distribution of Creators Update, the new “major update” Windows 10, PC and tablet. It is actually available for several days for manual installation; Today begins the automatic distribution through the traditional channel, or Windows Update.

Windows 10 Update Creators port the Windows version number to 1703; now it distribution has started, but will not come all at once. Microsoft plans to take a few months to update all devices, as it has happened in previous updates. For those who are impatient, you can try to force the check for updates by going to Settings> Update and Security> Windows Update> Check for updates.

Alternatively, if you do not find anything, you can proceed with a manual installation through two programs provided by Microsoft itself.

For Xbox One, the distribution of Creators Update it has already started a few days, also called March Update or Update of March. On smartphones, however, will celebrate from April 25, with the same phased deployment mode.


We made a very thorough article on all the news of Creators Update, which you should read not to miss a single detail. For those in a hurry, however, we can say that does not bring many new macroscopic; or rather, there are, but they are not yet mature – let’s talk in particular the preparation for the virtual reality / augmented / combined; viewers should arrive only next Christmas. There is the new 3D Paint, which allows you to create and manipulate 3D images with great ease and with the support of a community in which to publish their creations. The published models you can import into your work.

Microsoft also paid special attention to the world of gaming, with a special mode that focuses the operating system resources on the game in such a way as to make it smoother and more consistent performance. You can also make streaming of their games without having to install third-party software, thanks to Beam, a competitor to Twitch that Microsoft bought a few months ago.

The real advantage of this update, however, are the myriads of finishes made to the app and functionality we already know. They appreciate in everyday use and make the system even more pleasant to use. For example, the Share menu has been redesigned, you can download the system themes from the Windows Store, there is the night light, you can create folders in the Start menu, Microsoft Edge can read Ebook and the Settings app has been reorganized and expanded.

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