Windows 10 to be released in late summer 2015



By the end of next January, it is expected that the Redmond company, Microsoft will have a press event dedicated solely and exclusively to its desktop operating system Windows 10. Meanwhile,  the company continues to filter information, and this time points to a final release next summer.

Although no official information yet and as we advanced we have to wait at the end of next January for new details from Microsoft, the development of the retail version of Windows 10 continues and meanwhile, we keep receiving leaks regarding all details of the next version of the most widespread global desktop operating system. As already mentioned, according to the latest information reaching the release of the final version would be scheduled for late summer next year 2015.

While the Technical Preview version for computers is being tested by users outside the Redmond company, and are the same sending “feedback” to Microsoft about its operation and characteristics of the mobile version OS is still a mystery. In the same sense that the above information, we still have to wait until January for more official details on this information, but the latest information suggests that, with Windows 10, it will dramatically reduce the distances between the PC, tablet and smartphone.

Why? Basically because, as we have known since April, Microsoft is being used to fund incorporated in smartphones, tablets and PCs, the same kernel for the three (or two) operating systems. Thus, although the interface will be tailored to each platform and certain features and functions, applications could be developed for all three platforms following a relatively simple procedure.

This is not to say that my previous PC will be available in the smartphone, while the tablet itself, but it does mean that developers will find it easier to give smartphones a ‘adapted “version, so the number of quality applications on smartphones with Windows 10 is expected to grow at an attractive rate.

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