Windows 10 to use multi-touch gestures like in OS X



Microsoft presented “innovative” solution for its new operating system, Windows 10 – support for multi-touch gestures, similar uses in OS X. information on innovations shared observers Verge.Multitach The gestures in Windows 10 Novaya platform from Microsoft was represented at the conference TechEd Europe, where a corporate vice president, Joe Belfiore, and OS was announced the new function.

“For advanced users with our new operating system Windows 10, we have added support for multi-touch gestures for the trackpad. They are extremely easy to use and easy to learn, “- explained the senior manager, showing a series of gestures.

Specifically, Belfiore demonstrated such gestures: swipe three fingers down to hide all windows on the desktop (in OS X to a similar effect using fingers apart), switching between full-screen applications with three fingers (four fingers in OS X), launch panel Task Viewer (in Mac- Mission Control) via swipe three fingers (in OS X with four fingers).

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