Computer icons can also be pinned to the taskbar.So, the question is why would you need a dock toolbar for Windows 7?

The answer is:

a) If you wish turn Windows 7 right into a MAC

b) The dock system merely appears to be like higher
c) Which you can add separators to team dock icons (that is additionally that you can think of in Home windows 7 with just a few hacks)

Freeware: XWindows Dock

The XWindows Dock helps Windows Vista and Windows 7 and will also be personalized by way of drag & drop.

Right here’s an illustration how the Home windows 7 dock machine may seem to your computer:


download the dock toolbar, install it and then you’ll already have a couple of icons on that new dock. Unfortunately, XWindows Dock 2.0 is not able to auto-recognize the icons associated with a shortcut, therefore you have to manually assign each dock icon via drag & drop. It’s really simple, just takes some time.

Drag an icon onto your new dock toolbar and you will see that it’s a blank placeholder. (Btw, dragging an icon onto the dock can be a little tricky, just keep trying).

Right-click on the blank icon and click “Properties”:

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