The rationale Microsoft bargains instrument for synchronizing its Windows 7 Phone with the Mac side is looking for … reporters. This was explained by Aaron Woodman, Director of Mobile Communications Business at Microsoft in an interview with CNET:


We do many things for journalists. I could talk about the connection software to Mac […] it was not done because we thought there was a significant market opportunity for Mac loyalists who was dying to buy a Windows phone. It was done because journalists showed up with Mac .


Applying Windows 7 Phone Connector can synchronize music, photos and videos with a Windows phone. We found him capable, but still limited, at our tutorial. We now understand better why and how this minimum service. It did so by offering a full client to create a possible call in air iOS customers that ensure minimum service testers from which a significant proportion was on the Mac OS X.

This explanation came in response to another question that CNET was amazed at the lack of a screen capture function on the Windows phone.While on iOS it is proposed to everyone, with the Windows phone she gets through the developers tools (it is not immediately available on Android).

For Woodman, it is primarily developers who need this feature, however it is not a primary need for the end user. The Microsoft official cites another reason for this gap, it will not facilitate the reproduction of copyrighted content. Similarly, in Mac OS X, the screen capture in Mac OS X does not work with video content such as DVDs. But ultimately, nothing is excluded and the screenshot could be among the basic VTR functions to the OS.

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