Launched a pair month in the past, it is still uncertain what number of Home windows 7 Telephone had been offered. As at Microsoft than for producers and operators the omerta is required.

The Russian web site Cell-Evaluation says its estimates in line with knowledge from operators and shops, result in a determine of 674 000 smartphones on the introductory duration previous to Christmas 2010.


This number is not official but Pocket-Lint said that Mobile Review has won the past few details of value: the first tablet as Xoom Honeycomb, the merger between Nokia and Microsoft and a scoop on the new N8 Nokia unveiled the nose and the beard of its designer.

If this result is correct, it indicates a severe challenge to Microsoft back in the wheel of Apple and Google, even though he had done a global launch with several models. To take only the case of iPhone 4, it sold 1.7 million during the weekend of its launch in the U.S., plus four other countries … Mobile Review said that the gap between Windows Phone 7 delivered and those sold has been heightened.

Microsoft has supplied some data, but nothing that can accurately gauge the success of its smartphone. Two months after its marketing, Microsoft spoke of 1.5 million units sold, then 2 million after the first quarter. Except that these were the phones shipped to distributors, and not those in the pockets of customers.

Nevertheless, it remains difficult for Microsoft to make a specific point on his situation. The lead taken by Apple or Google is such that any figure, even correct, inevitably be judged against those of lower iOS and Android, older systems and more mature.

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