Windows 8 Coming This October


In keeping with Bloomberg, a number of smartly-knowledgeable and impartial sources mentioned that Microsoft’s Home windows eight traits as deliberate. This summer time, the ultimate model prepared. In October, the primary Home windows eight merchandise in outlets cabinets. Additionally, in October the primary Home windows eight drugs can be provided on the market.

Microsoft had already indicated to make two versions of its latest Windows operating system. 
Both the standard version is suitable for desktops and laptops, as the Windows 8 version for mobile devices like tablets will be available at the same time. According to sources, this is still the case, give to Bloomberg.

Windows 8 for desktops will have no problems getting on time to come. The sources indicate that Microsoft has a long way with this system. The company also has decades of experience in designing software for Intel x86 processors.

The windows 8 consumer Preview, which appeared in early 2012, is therefore only as a desktop version can be downloaded .

Microsoft has less experience in software development for ARM processors. Windows Phone 7 is the only project that resembles the development of Windows 8.

Since there is no Consumer Preview of Windows has appeared (8) on ARM, we can assume that Microsoft has more difficulty with the development of the new Windows on this new, popular processors. Besides TI and Qualcomm, Nvidia and Intel will also want to join their ARM processors.

Companies like Qualcomm and Texas Instruments (TI) are eager to work with Windows on ARM.For them, the arrival of Windows 8 for use include tablets a gift from heaven. Qualcomm and TI currently see a huge market share disappear at Nvidia, the company that fully cooperates with Android tablet developers. Mainly the Android tablets from the more expensive segment, and therefore with the more-advanced and more expensive processors, are currently equipped with an Nvidia Tegra Tegra 2 or 3 processor. At the start of the commercial exploitation of Microsoft Windows 8 keeps the lines tightly drawn.The requirements in terms of quality and use of standards will be strict.

The sources report to Bloomberg that the introduction of Windows models 8 on ARM will find three tablets.

Not only the processor manufacturers are eager for the arrival of Windows 8 . Even computer manufacturers are queuing up to use Windows 8 to work. Brands like HP, Dell, Samsung and Lenovo have already announced Windows 8 tablets to want to make. Even Nokia, partner of Microsoft in the smartphone market, indicated by a tablet to come. Or that a Windows 8 tablet is going to be is not yet known.


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