Windows 8 Release for August 2012, Windows 9 November 2014


If you’re keen on information about Microsoft , then you should already know that Windows 8 will be released next year. Yes, except that you do not know exactly when? And same thing for Windows 9 , either. Well exactly, would you believe the roadmap of the company found itself on the web earlier in the day and it revealsa lot of informa
 about the next two operating systems from Redmond .


 So if you want to know when we can take advantage of Windows 9, it is not complicated, it's all in the future.

And of course, we'll start with Windows 8, since it is the latter which is the most anticipated at this time:

  • September 13, 2011: release of Windows Developer 8 Review.
  • January 2012: Beta release of Windows 8.
  • April 2012: release of Windows RC 8.
  • June 2012: RTM release of Windows 8.
  • August 2012: release of the final version of Windows 8.

If we are to believe the road map, so it's in August that we can all take advantage of Windows 8 . In this context, the first hybrid machines (or not) the board should monitor and reach the market from autumn 2012.What we can note, nevertheless, is that E3 2012 will take place in June 2012 will no doubt be a busy and Microsoft should take this opportunity to unveil some additional tools.

And then Windows 9?

  • CES 2014: Beta release of Windows 9.
  • Mix 2014: release of Windows RC 9.
  • Build 2014: RTM release of Windows 9.
  • Nov. 2014: release of version 9 of Windows.

Well, there obviously must take these dates with tweezers. It's very difficult for a company like Microsoft to project that far. It will be recalled also that Windows Vista had accused a very significant delay and that the dates listed on the first road maps in place by the firm had not been met. Redmond even abandon certain features in order to get its operating system as soon as possible.


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