Windows 8: Everything you need to know to install



I’m sure many of you have great desire to upgrade your computer to Windows 8 , but not very clear how. Do you think we make a summary of the options you have and how to upgrade our team as each of them?

Update Wizard Windows 8

Windows 8 is the first version of Windows can be installed and downloaded without physical media : download the installation wizard that takes care of everything, including the purchase of key Windows 8. Is this the installation wizard also lets you create a DVD or USB on your own, if we want to do a clean install later (if you do not work the Reset and Refresh Windows 8).

Prepare a USB or a DVD with Windows 8


Suppose that instead of using the update wizard to Windows 7, what we have is an image ISO(downloaded, for example, the MSDN or DreamSpark Premium) and want to use it to install Windows 8.The procedure is identical to that we know : we burn that image to a DVD or burn it to a USB .

I personally recommend using the Windows 7 USB / DVD download tool , which runs on Windows XP or higher. It is very simple to use, just a four-step wizard that boil down to three: select the image ISO , select whether to save the image to a USB or a DVD , select the drive where you want to save and wait to be copied files.


If you want to burn the image to DVD can use the tool that we want more , in Windows 7 is a tool installed, which allows quickly record an image of DVD in a physical disk. If not,  you can use any other tool, Nero Burning Rom if you have it installed, and if not, a free utility called Ink DVD Burner , seemingly esoteric but sufficient.

Upgrading from previous versions to Windows 8


Do not want to lose all your configuration? A Windows 8 can upgrade from Windows XP, Vista and 7.Just keep in mind some details.


  • It must match the architecture : we can not upgrade to Windows 8 64-bit from, say, Windows 7 32-bit.
  • Also must match the language . If you have Windows in Spanish must upgrade to an edition of Windows 8 in the same language, yet we can add and remove languages ​​when we want with the system installed.
  • The installation wizard will verify that our computer meets the minimum requirements to run Windows 8 .
  • Assume that we have all our hardware drivers for Windows 8 , however, if there are for Windows 8, is likely to run the Windows 7 or Windows Vista. And there are a lot of non-specialized hardware (graphics cards, network adapters, …) with some basic functionality without installing anything.
  • You need to enter a product key . If not, the installation program will not continue.

To update Windows XP, Vista or 7 to Windows 8, we introduce the environment that we created earlier on the computer, having now started (we should not boot from it), and run the Setup.exe program that is on that disc ( USB or DVD ), and follow the wizard. Do not miss it.

Clean install of Windows 8


Already having installation media of Windows 8, do a clean install of the operating system follows a process similar to Windows Vista and Windows 7, the installer really is and the steps are really similar.

The steps are reduced, having already mounted the DVD disk or USB to boot your computer using this medium and follow the wizard. The only delicate step is basically to choose the partition you want to install Windows 8. This partition must be formatted in NTFS and doing strange things, of up to 2TB in size.

If you want to do a clean install of Windows 8, regardless of the new facility or programs or personal files, we format the partition where you installed Windows 7 (select and click “format” in the options below the list of volumes) . possible to select the partition and format it , if we do this, all files that were in the installation appear in the Windows.old folder in the same partition. The process will continue as it should, no problems.

Windows 8 Dual boot with another version of Windows


If we can install Windows 8 without uninstalling Windows 7, Vista or XP, choosing which operating system to load every time you turn on the computer. The process is really easy, but requires some preparation: we shrink the partition with the current Windows installation to make room for the installation of Windows 8 .

windows 8 install

To do this open the partition manager (in Windows 7 or Vista can look for “Create and format hard disk partitions” in the start menu, click the right mouse button on the partition you want to cut, mark “Shrink Partition” and wait a bit. Eventually a window in which we are asked how many megabytes we reduce, we must keep in mind that we release, at least the size of the minimum requirements, and should make room (I suggest about 5 or 10GB extra).


It is very important say that if the recordsdata are fragmented within the partition might not be conceivable to scale back the entire house you may have on hand in that partition; must defragment the partition ahead of seeking to cut back it.When we will we practice the comparable process to make smooth set up of Home windows eight, however we mark area “Unallocated” . The installer will create the brand new partition and proceed with the method, as basic, putting in a boot loader so one can permit us to choose from the outdated and new model. As you will see that, you have got a few choices to put in Home windows eight for your PC .

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