Windows 8 From Blue Screen of Death to Black Screen of Death!


Seeing that a pirated model of Home windows eight used to be discovered on the net, notes devoted to the query in sequence and equivalent. Smartly, that's nice, however the actual information, the stuff that no person has but talked about , it will be important evolution passed through by using that just right outdated "Blue Reveal of Loss of life." For certainly, pals, it’s greater than historic historical past and has given method to an entire new reveal Error: "Black Reveal of Dying."


And that, you know, it's a little information of the day. The failure of the NSP, the merger between Google and Spotify, touch pads from Sony and the rest do not measure up. No, because the "Blue Screen of Death" (BSoD or for friends) is just a page in our history. Just as the conquest of space, the incident of Hiroshima or the The invention of the web. Without laughter, friends, anyone who has ever had a bike on Windows in their lives have always been faced with this famous screen.
Especially for those who had the bad idea to install Windows Me, too.

In fact, because with Windows 8, which is a whole chapter closes. Microsoft has decided to leave behind the "Blue Screen of Death "to opt for something more impacting and less connotation:" Black Screen of Death. " A screen darker, more understandable and drives directly Windows 8 in a new era.
So sure, I'm probably too much, "Black Screen of Death" does not perhaps survive the Milestone 1, but it still makes me all weird in my heart of Geek. Fortunately, I will always be my bikes from work running Windows XP to comfort me when despair come upon my frail shoulders.
But anyway, to be a little more serious, I really think Microsoft would benefit to work on a new way to display errors encountered by the operating system.

 And what would be really revolutionary finally, is that the company offers us an OS that can repair itself. Just as history technicians around the world can take it easy or meet at the local job center to organize some LAN.

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