Metro interface in Windows 8 has users and accustomed to its desktop appearance, developer says Microsoft.

According Cnews, in Windows 8 home screen is the screen of the “Start” with tiled interface. In previous versions of the platform , including Windows 7 , Windows Vista, Windows XP , etc., when the computer user gets to the desktop where access to installed applications was organized by the “Start” menu at the bottom left of the screen.

One of the developers of the user interface of Windows 8 Jacob Miller site Reddit explained why Microsoft needed a ” Metro” UI. He , according to him , has decided to clarify the endless debate about how good or bad, and why when you turn on the PC, Windows 8 loads the screen “Start” .

“Metro – it is an area of content consumption . It is designed for inexperienced users who just want to check Facebook, view photos , or, for example, to place a self-portrait in Instagram. It was created for your younger sister, who does not understand computers , for grandpa , who has no idea how to use this strange contraption , and for mom , which only need to read recipes for cooking apple pie . It is simple, understandable and solves only one ( and only one) the problem is relatively simple , “- explained Miller.

” Before the advent of Windows 8 Metro interface with experienced and inexperienced users – that is, creators and consumers of content – have been forced to use the same workspace. It’s like a tuxedo rental that suits many people . Whatever function to be added in Windows, it should have been , and simple enough to be understandable for inexperienced users , and complex enough to be useful for advanced users. Many , many features have been added for this reason “- continued the developer .

” Take, for example , support for multiple desktops. Experienced users require this function for more than 10 years. It is in OS X and Linux, even in OS / 2 Warp. But Windows does not . Every time we added it and run tests among users , each time this function is misleading inexperienced users – a much larger group of users to the number of our system compared to OS X and Linux. So in the end , this function is not added because of what ultimately suffered experienced users . ”

“Our hands were tied , and our clients were dissatisfied with tuxedos rented from . And what have we done ? We divided them into two groups: experienced and inexperienced . We have created for them two separate spaces . All novice users , we have provided a simple and intuitive place to view photos of pets – Metro. And for professionals retained desktop “- said Miller.

“Why Metro is loaded by default? Because inexperienced users tend to always remain within the usual . If we made the default desktop and click “Start” , as it was before, they would never have gone to their milk and honey , and rivers . They would remain at the starting point . So we decided to push them ” – he added .

Jacob Miller also explained why Metro will ultimately make happy and professional users. The fact is that now, when for ” normal users ” is a separate space – interface Metro – Microsoft will be able to without fear added to the system advanced features that will be available from the desktop mode . They will not interfere with those who are not well- owns a computer . When the developers to be finalized and the interface itself Metro. Miller said that in fact, and in another direction a lot of work waiting for them , and now their hands are no longer tied.

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