Windows 8 is going to reinvent the PC refresh and Reset Features


As weeks and months go through, we method increasingly more out of the beta model of Windows 8 and it should be released next February . Racing results, we learn ever more about the functions that will be shipped in the next operating system from Microsoft and it's frankly very exciting. See, for example, just to learn a little more about options and refresh reset Windows 8. And you want to know? Well Redmond seems to have decided to reinvent the concept of format and it's really a very good thing … 


 Note also that the information comes straight from one of the official blog of the firm . Accuracy is important since all of the following is checked. Knowing that the rumors are rife on the web and it is sometimes difficult to separate fact from fiction, it was necessary to emphasize this point. So the fact remains that Redmond decided to radically change strategy with its new operating system. Unlike previous versions,Windows 8 will offer, in fact many more formatting options and restarting the system should also take much less time. In all, two options are to be proposed relocation to the user:

  • Reset: This mode will delete all data, all applications and all the parameters of the machine. It will be also possible to opt for a quick reset, or a procedure for substantive rewrite all the data at random to avoid the maximum data recovery (recall indeed that file is that actually removed from the time the sectors on which it was stored are overwritten) .
  • Refresh: This mode will allow users to restore some potatoes to their system by reinstalling Windows but keeping the documents and the applications interface Metro.

And timing issue, Microsoft has set the bar high because the cooling system will take an average of 8 minutesas long as your machine to follow. For the normal reset, everything will be completed in 6 minutes but it will however, provide 23 minutes to achieve a deep reset. Anyway, if these options will greatly improve the lives of users, they should especially allow technicians and directors of IT equipment to lose a lot less time. Now, we will still be cautious and wait quietly the arrival of the beta for the lead Champomy.

Both Windows 8 Reset, Refresh options are available in the Windows 8 control panel. The Reset your PC screen looks like this:


Microsoft mentions two reasons for this behavior:

First, in many cases there is a single desktop app that is causing the problems that lead to a need to perform this sort of maintenance, but identifying this root cause is not usually possible. And second, we do not want to inadvertently reinstall  “bad” apps that were installed unintentionally or that hitched a ride on something good but left no trace of how they were installed.

Windows 8 does ship with options to define your own baseline image for refreshing operations. The core benefit here is that this makes it possible to restore desktop applications as well.

Here is how this works: Configure Windows 8 the way you want it to be. Install applications and make changes to the system. Once you are satisfied you run the following commands on an elevated command line prompt to create the baseline image.

  • mkdir C:RefreshImage
  • recimg -CreateImage C:RefreshImage




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