Windows 8: Microsoft Features the App Store


Weblog on the logo new Home windows eight, a senior Microsoft suggests the appearance of an software retailer devoted to the brand new OS, the successor to Home windows Market and the App Retailer competitor

Steven Sinofsy, president of the Home windows division at Microsoft , has proved prolific in his last letter posted on the new blog of Windows 8His comments suggest that the next version of OS of the Redmond company will incorporate an App Store .


Screenshots in support, had already spread the rumor in April, before falling like a soufflé. The blog dedicated to Windows 8was not relevant. Now, this public square is the subject of improvised attention. Behind its air of release, the article by Steven Sinofsy is unequivocal. If it does not explicitly confirm the availability of an impending application store, he strongly suggests.

Of the 35 teams dispatched to the development of Windows 8, one will work well under a banner stamped "App Store".

But stiff competition from Google (Android Market) from Apple (App Store) and to a lesser extent to amazon , should not forget Microsoft's mixed results recorded by the Windows Marketplace.

The challenge is to implement an ecosystem capable of meeting both the needs of desktop to mobile needs, through programs under the auspices of an online store.

 Apple Compete Despite failure of the first App Store (Windows Marketplace), so Microsoft will renew the experience, certainly aiming to compete head-on ecosystem that has made ​​Apple's success, through an OS simultaneously serving mobile usage (eg applications ) and uses more traditional office. 

 As such, Microsoft is working to enhance such "portability" of Windows 8, allowing for example to synchronize in the cloud parameters of the OS to allow users to work on different machines

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