Windows 8 Might Prevent Linux Installation [Dual Boot]


To have the fitting to show the phrases"designed for&#one hundred sixty;Windows 8 "  , the computers will have to integrate the successor to the BIOS, the successor that we know as the UEFI , and have also enabled a very special feature: the Secure Boot . Yes, a function that prevents the start of all unsigned software which aims to fight against piracy. Where the situation is funny is that the distributions Linux are not signed , they either.


 In this case, there is good chance that all these machines stamped "Windows 8" simply can not take advantage of Linux, or even a dual boot.

Not bad, right? There, you see, the first thing that crossed my head, the blow of this famous birthday video provided by Microsoft to our friendly penguin. A video that you will find a little lower and that was supposed to show the friendship of the firm for advocates of free. It was beautiful, moving and it was ultimately left me rather perplexed at the time. Must also be said, Microsoft has a habit of giving gifts to anyone, let alone a competitor of his.

So of course, all manufacturers will not be required to activate the Secure Boot to "sell" of Windows 8. No, the only ones who will do so, will those who want to stick a new sticker on the frame of their bike. Phew? Yes but no. For indeed, the average person, the average user, our brave Ms. Michu, all these people are just very sensitive to these stickers. As a result, manufacturers will no doubt be tempted to turn this feature on history to boost up their sales.As you can see, the situation may be complicated. Same also for those who tend to hack a little bit sometimes their Windows. Again, the history of Secure Boot risk of their life difficult. It was understood, the goal of Microsoft is again trying to minimize piracy.

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