In case you are occupied with information from Microsoft , then you know Mary-Jo Froley necessarily follows, since the Redmond company on behalf of Znet . Among other … Yes, well anyway, you figure it managed to get their hands on the roadmap of Windows 8. And according to the document, it would seem that Microsoft is on schedule, this which is just incredible. It is therefore likely to qualify for a first beta in September and out of the final version of Windows 8 for summer 2012.


Of course, we already suspected it since Dell has also seen its own roadmap to escape and that it makes clear the output of a touch pad on Windows 8 for the first quarter of 2012. And if Peju is his code name, was officially unveiled between January and March next year, then it should land at Carrouf 'and all other a few months later and then just before the summer. At the same time as the cake, then. Let all de same he is only a hypothesis, a guess, and nothing says that Microsoft can meet its schedule. After all, it Paco Rabanne is that which can really predict the future. Or not.

Oh hey, and as I am kind and generous, here are some recent rumors about Windows 8:

  • The interface of Windows 8 may change depending on the hardware.
  • Windows 8 might provide a bridge between local applications and content.
  • The 64bit version of Windows 8 might provide its own interface.
  • The interface of Windows 8 could adapt according to the user.
  • Windows 8 might suggest a Windows Store.
  • Windows 8 … could integrate the WinFS (gniak gniak gniak).
  • Windows 8 might inherit the functions of KINECTS.
  • Windows 8 may include a special mode, "Direct Experience".
  • And so on.

So obviously, do not take these rumors at face value, huh. That said, we particularly note the first hypothesis, which reported an interface that could adapt to the material and therefore change depending on the device that is installed Windows 8 . For indeed, if this rumor is true, then it would mean that Microsoft could offer a single product for computers, tablets and smartphones . Not bad, right? M'enfin, let us not forget that awaits the WinFS from Vista, then you may have to wait a little longer for a polymorphic Windows …


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