Windows 8: Qualcomm’s Snapdragon and Nvidia “Kal-El + “


Disclosed during the BUILD Microsoft about Windows 8 did not fail to arouse in him a certain excitement. Long singled out by hordes of dissatisfied consumers, the Redmond company seems about to take a 180 ° turn and the new strategy is ambitious and original. And if Microsoft is perhaps a risk in seeking to launch a universal operating system, the U.S.
giant seems to have attracted the favor of the industry. 

Kal-el-610x375 (1)

Proof is, Windows 8 will support Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and Nvidia will even offer a specific processor, the "Kal-El +" .

And that's just the ticket in one of two days. Let's start with Qualcomm (the first that ended up in my aggregator) … Well aware of the impact that may usher in Windows 8, the founder has said its Snapdragon would support the next version of operating system from Microsoft.New processors will thus be created, processors that can go up to a frequency of 2.5 GHz and that includes, in addition, all mobile technologies that may be required consumers (Adreno Graphics, 3D, decoding 1080p, 3G and LTE ) . Not clear as two, Qualcomm has even unveiled its future references processors, manufacturers can then opt for the MSM8960 (dual core) or for APQ8064 (quad core) . Not surprisingly, these processors should be put forward at the next Mobile World Congress so we will have the opportunity to speak at this time.

Nvidia, meanwhile, has bluntly shown the fangs and announced the upcoming launch of the processor "Kal-El +" . A processor that will provide exactly the same power as the "Kal-El," but that will support more Windows 8. Here, however, we have much less information than the side of Qualcomm, we know immediately that this new CPU should come in 2012 .

So much for the latest news. What we can point in any case is that we are likely to see the arrival next year of hybrid devices that can act as both fixed as mobile terminals. Devices that also offer a range of connection and that can take advantage of all of our accessories and peripherals. All thanks to Windows 8 and the incredible turnaround from Microsoft.


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