9Developers and users with much imagination and time, are an inexhaustible source of resources that offer a wide variety of trivia, so we have seen all kinds of experiments in which the protagonists were the apple devices, but we’ll see today definitely stand out.

And Chinese hacker identified by xyq058775 posted in Feng.com steps in great detail howr to install and run windows 8 operating system on the iPhone 6 Plus. The whole procedure was explained  and issues they faced, where even try to install Windows XP but in the end it was not possible because it needs more resources. This has been illustrated by screenshots where the step by step procedure is shown.

It also states that it is a long process that requires time and patience, where the first thing you need is to download from the App Store iDOS application, which is a DOS emulator for iOS environment.

Of course the emulator only allows some basic functions, so for those hoping that Windows 98 was fully functional and ready to trade for iOS 8 am to tell you that is not possible.

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Certainly the result is quite interesting, which shows that with enough time and curiosity, you can do things out of the ordinary for the simple fact of showing that is possible.

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