Windows 8 Super fast boot! [Video]


Should admit, a computer that boots up speedy is at all times a plus. And all folks that have a Mac or a MacBook Air with SSD will more than likely consider me. Sure, and the blokes at Microsoft have realized it was time to make an effort on that side. By combining different technologies, they have managed to perform miracles. And what you'll discover in the following video, it's just a laptop running Windows 8 and able to start in … 5 or 6 seconds ! There, for sure, the Redmond s


And watch out because this is a traditional boot. The proof is at the very beginning of the video, Emily Wilson (Program Manager at Microsoft) will remove the battery to the laptop.However, it should also be noted is that the machine Video includes an SSD . Inevitably, it breaks the myth a little but it does not detract from performance. Here, my MacBook Air also includes a SSD but it must still seven seconds to get started. Suffice to say that Microsoft engineers can be proud of them.

For those interested, you will find in this article all the technical explanations that go.Apparently, I understand, everything is played in the Windows kernel 8 . The firm has in effect set up a system of hibernation that can record the session, store it somewhere and then restart to boot. Of course, this is a very simplistic explanation but it will help you better understand the principle. But that's not all, huh … No, because when the machine starts, the workload is distributed over the different processor cores in order to gain a few seconds more.


In short, personal, I admit that a machine that starts fast is always a plus. A sedentary position, again, we can afford to lose a minute or two, just take the opportunity to go look for a small coffee shop or even to take a shower (especially if the bike date of 90 years and rotates Windows 95) . However, for a mobile station, the wait is less acceptable. Why? Simply because we tend to turn it off and on again several times a day. In this context, we can not afford to lose much time.

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