It has been rumored lately that the new Windows operating system is in beta.  Microsoft intends to incorporate its digital assistant, Cortana in the next version of Windows 9x, known as Windows Thresold- code that will be released probably in the spring 2015, stated ZDNet .

Cortana, the new commitment of Microsoft in the field of virtual assistants is the alternative to Google Now on Google and Apple Siri , but it looks like it is an improved version of the latter . Its appearance is similar to that of Windows Phone, except for its size, which will occupy only 25 percent of the computer screen while on the phone to Microsoft occupies the entire screen.

As seen in Windows Phone 8.1, Cortana will be an independent application of the operating system, but will be part of the basic package of Windows 9. technology ‘Satori’ (‘knowledge’ in Japanese) within the engineering team Bing , is based on the machine learning by tracking finder Microsoft, which has been very effective in responding to requests from users about what to do, where to go, or any other information.

Windows 9 release is expected to be an upgrade to Windows 8. However, recently,there have been some leaks stating that Window 9 OS will have some new features. Among them, a return to the traditional desktop interface, with button boot and disappearance of the bar Charms . All this by popular demand, since many users were anchored in Windows 7, they don’t agree with the ultimate experience of Windows 8. [via  Neowin]

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