Microsoft is aiming to open access to the technical preview version of Windows “Threshold” around the end of September or early October. Unfortunately, the source of information to remain in the shadows.

It is known that those who set the technical preview edition of the operating system will need to agree on the subsequent monthly updates to it. They will come automatically, the source added.

Threshold – the code name for the next version of Windows, which is expected to be named “Windows 9” in Spring 2015. The system will include a number of new features aimed at further improving the usability of Windows, and it is without a touchscreen control and those who use the mouse and keyboard along with touch-screen interfaces.

Among the innovations that were mentioned in the drains, we can note a new start mini-menu (supposedly traditional Start), support for desktop applications in the Metro-style, which are able to run on the desktop, virtual desktops and eliminating terribly uncomfortable desktop panel Charm, which is included in Windows 8. it is possible that developers integrate Cortana in Windows 9.

A preliminary version of Windows “Threshold” will be available for all who wish to install. Unfortunately, Microsoft so far refused to comment on rumors and disclose information that will be in the new OS when it comes out, how much will it cost and how will be called.

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