One of the most innovative features  that the Windows 9 operating system could get has been finally confirmed. The most awaited version of Windows XXI century so far brings out a new feature that will make it more comfortable user experience with notifications, unlike current Windows 8.1 without a record of them, among other features .

The details come from Neowin, which claim to have enough credible information and have even provided his own description of the appearance and some details on how the Notification Center in Windows 9, a new over Threshold. This feature is similar to the currently available Windows Phone.

With that said, we will have a record of notifications triggered by various applications. It would be launched from the system tray, where notifications are currently near the clock. A small fixed white screen located on the site of the display as the ordinate notifications have been fired and can eliminate one button, or one by one. To navigate scroll must be given, since it is not possible to enlarge the window.

Since this is a new feature of Windows 9 has few details, not includes in more advanced features such as Windows Phone, but will likely be added over time. This will be way to upgrade or will be available when the Technology Preview on September 30.

This news adds to the events related to the launch of Windows 9,  which has been rumored for past few months. Something very important that shows the evolution of the Microsoft operating system seems to have great future and acceptance by the public, unlike their predecessors that included the Modern UI, believing that this would be the main attraction.

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