Within the iPhone app 'Instaquotes Quotes Cards for Instagram "Windows malware has been detected with a low risk of damage. The worm is built into the application through Apple's App Store for users todownload.

On the Apple discussion forum, a user reported that he had downloaded the free app and his antivirus program detected the app as a threatcontaining the Windows app malware Worm.VB-900. Initially it seemed to be a false report, but the malware is present.

This Windows malware in an iPhone app included in the apps that Apple makes available in the Ipa file. This is a shell around the application and other files that are included. The. Ipa contains the executable files and other resources needed for an app to run under IOS. CNET took the test case and found using Symantec's iAntivirus program that th
ere are two Windows exe files present which are classified as malware:

“In a recent post to an Apple discussion forum, user “deesto” mentioned he had downloaded the free “Instaquotes Quotes Cards for Instagram” app from the iTunes Store and noticed that his ClamXav antivirus program had flagged the downloaded file as containing the “Worm.VP-900″ malware…

…To test the claims in the discussion forum, I download the Instaquotes package from the iTunes store and, scanning it with Symantec’s free iAntivirus program, found that it contains the following two Windows executables that are flagged as being malware.



Even Microsoft Security Essentials and security Sophos sees the files as malware. A threat to iOS or OS X is not and for Windows users who have properly secured the PCs, there is nothing to worry about. This malware was already been discovered in August 2009 and is well defined. Good antivirus software will pick it up immediately. Besides that you can simply avoid Instaquotes app


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