Windows Mobile 7 clashing with old Apps ?


The Russian-born Eldar Mutazin manages to get his hands on an abundant amount of then-unreleased accessories aswell been conventional to get things unawakened. Now he’s outdone himself with whatsoever credible hands-on experience with Windows Moving 7. Here’s what he’s saying via Cheep:  the OS has been built on scratch, and none of the old WinMo 6.x apps worked.

The UI still however features familiar elements such as soft keys, click and hold and bears some resemblance to leaks from 2007.

Of course, being an early build, it was devoid of much of the features that would make it an interesting OS.  Eldar was not sure the software was yet ready
for release, but was still sure it would be shown of at Mobile World Congress, at the very least behind closed doors.

There’s “a lot of horizontal movements, a lot of additional info by clicks… for WM users it will be a great step ahead. For market it’s a copycat of Android 3.1/3.2 [sic] or iPhone.” No direct comparison to Zune HD, except to say that it’s a simpler UI than what he was seeing here, and also no clue on the kernel underneath. Still, the lack of legacy compatibility is either a huge bummer to the fan base, or if not that then Microsoft is preparing for a two-platform WinMo world. Then again, this is a purported early build (and while we’re at it, an unconfirmed hands-on), so who knows what’s bound to change before the final release.



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