Windows Phone 7 Series Emulator Unlocked for Full Experience


The&#one hundred sixty;unique ROM&#a hundred and sixty;as launched by means of Microsoft simplest allowed get admission to to the net browser (Web Explorer) and “Settings” however with this hacked .BIN file, that you would be able to get get right of entry to to complete Home windows Telephone 7 Sequence expertise that Microsoft didn’t need you to peer.

Windows Phone 7 Series Emulator Unlocked

Merely observe the steps posted under to get it working to your Home windows PC.

Step 1:&#one hundred sixty;Obtain&#one hundred sixty;and set up the developer instruments for Home windows Cellphone 7 Collection.

Step 2:&#one hundred sixty;Download and install Windows SDK for Windows 7 and .NET Framework 3.5 SP1.

Step 3: Download the hacked .BIN file for Windows Phone OS 7.0 Build emulator image from XDA-Developers here.

Step 4: Rename the file to WM70C1.bin and move it to C:Program FilesMicrosoft SDKsWindowsPhonev7.0EmulationImages

That’s it! You should now have the entire full featured experience right in the emulator![via Download and Pocketnow]

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