Understand that … the last month , Microsoft has published and released the first update of Windows Phone 7. Everything seemed to be fine in a brave new world until the users decide to install it on their Samsung 7 and on their Omnia Samsung Focus. Here all changed very quickly since it has blocked a large number of mobiles. One solution: go through the after sales service and divest itself of its phone for several days. Since then, Microsoft has corrected this but the result is not necessarily good …


No doubt, for a first update, that makes task. Thereby blocking the cell phone of thousands of users around the world and the subsequent forced to return their phone to their customer service so that he can unlock it is the kind of gaffe that has not gone unnoticed. Having said the firm was all-in itself been very responsive and very quickly suspended the update so as not to aggravate the situation. This does probably not give comfort all those who met with a brick in hands.

So on March 2 that Microsoft has included the release of its update. The more adventurous of you have probably also installed on their mobile and have come to realize that all was not necessarily rosy. Certainly, this new update no longer crashes the phone manufacturer Samsung is good, but a number of annoying bugs are still to be deplored. Injury, the same player plays again …

If someone believes the Twitter account of MobileTechWorld , these applications affect both Live Mail and Active Sync only decoding videos. Note however that all users do not encounter problems with the necessary up-to-day . However, some of them do not even have the ability to install and systematically meet 800705B4 an error when attempting the adventure.Besides, if you're one of those, then you will be delighted to learn that Microsoft recommends that you simply delete "temporarily" all your media on your mobile.

Finally, it is stated that these problems do not cover all users . Far from it, even as they are actually a minority to meet them. However, critics of the firm will surely probably not take the opportunity to laugh at his expense. After all, the finger pointing stability of Microsoft's products is very trendy, right?

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