There have been a number of rumors surrounding the arrival of a SmartWatch of Microsoft. With the updated Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Preview for Developers,   new evidence that support smartwatches were found and indicates that in the future smartwaches and other Windows Phone wearables will be released as the newly launched Fitbit accessory.

a developer found this information on the new API’s in Windows Phone Update 1 8.1. In these new API’s is a lot of information to handle background tasks and new accessories connected to mobile.


These new APIs make it much easier for developers building applications for:

  • Manage calls (accept, reject, hang up or make a call, answer or make a video call, switch between calls and keep the call waiting)
  • Alarms and reminders (delay and discard)
  • Accept or reject notifications
  • Check my quiet hours mobile and Driving Mode
  • Enable and disable notifications for applications and / or accessories

Unfortunately, these API’s, are currently not available in the SDK provided to the entire community of developers. Yes, companies manufacturing mobile phones and / or hardware designed to use these API’s do have access to them. Hopefully this is a step to attract more developers and brands (such as Pebble, adidas or Nike) to Windows Phone.
At the moment I do not know know if Microsoft released these API’s in the future developers of third parties, although we have brands such as manufacturing hardware (smartphones), smart watches or other wearables today and have access to them.


Additionally, users may have already installed the new update, will be able to check in Settings> Applications accessories. In this section you can enable or disable notifications for applications accessories.

Apps Corner) receives improvements for childrens in the new update of Windows Phone 8.1,  allowing the user to select the applications and games available if you access the phone without entering a password. Moreover, as noteworthy news from the advanced options panel, you can enable and disable phone keys

Another novelty is to hold the off button. Now the phone shows you two options, one is there from Windows Phone 7 (low to turn off) and the other is the new option “Swipe right corner to exit the application.”

A very useful option in certain situations is the sharing of Internet connection from our data. Even in the Windows Phone 8.1 version, our Internet connection could only be shared via Wi-Fi. The novelty is that now there is possibility to share the internet connection via Bluetooth.

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