Home windows RT Ported On HTC HD2 [IMAGES]



Developers have managed to port Windows RT on a HTC HD2 smartphone. Which Windows version is the ARM version of Windows 8 is designed to run on tablets. The operating system interface for tablets is too large for the phone.

Earlier, Windows Phone 8 already ported to the HTC HD2 running and now hackers are CotullaCode and Stroughton Smith succeeded also to the RT Windows smartphone porting . Although photographs of the operating system on the phone circulate , is not explained in detail how the hack came. Why would the efi implementation that also for the porting of Windows Phone 8 to the HD2 was used to play a role.

The HTC HD2 was released in November 2009 and is a popular platform for various operating systems.Thus, besides the standard Windows Mobile 6.5, already several Android versions, Ubuntu, MeeGo and Windows Phone on the HD2 rotated. The Windows 8 RT-port has not yet been made public, and a how-to and sources are not available. Given the state of the port – Metro apps will not default to 480×720 pixels available run – it is still very early.



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