Home windows RT makes use of 1/2 the 32GB storage reminiscence on Floor pill



It was already known that the  Windows RT for Surface tablet – and indeed all Windows RT tablets- much of the available storage memory would  swallow up the operating system but Microsoft has today published details about what you as a user holds exactly. Thus it is clear that the 32GB Surface RT tablet but 16GB of usable storage memory.

Of course, all tablets a portion of the storage memory that only the operating system and related content is assigned but often a few gigabytes. Microsoft , however, shows that you can halve the storage memory quiet when you go for the 32GB tablet surface. The 32GB is because the binary conversion, space recovery tools, the Windows operating system RT, RT and Office 2013 pre-installed apps deducted. For the 64GB version, this would mean that you have such a hold over 46GB of storage for your media, apps and other content. This is also immediately clear that a 16GB Windows RT (or Windows 8) tablet does not belong to the possibilities.

Fortunately, there are several possibilities for the storage memory of your tablet to expand. So you can connect a USB hard disk, a microSD card in your tablet sliding or one of the many cloud services.

Price, availability and specs

The Surface RT tablet is currently for sale include the USA, France and Germany for a price starting at $499. When the tablet will be available in other countries is not yet known. More information and all specifications can be found on the product page of the Microsoft Surface for Windows RT .


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