The jailbreak app Winterboard makes it that you can imagine for a few years to the looks of a jailbroken iPhone to fully develop into. For the reason that app, alternatively, the iPhone appears to decelerate, now not all penitentiary breakers are equally chuffed. A brand new update hopes to solve these problems: with version 0.9.3904 Saurik says that a lot of delays, crashes and bugs are fixed.


The update addresses a number of different things. Thus Springboard no longer stutters when you scroll through it. Here you have to Summer Board for disabled: a feature that after this update is disabled by default. There are a number of bugs have been fixed and SpringBoard crashes in both older and new IOS versions solved. Be
low is the full list of changes:

  • 5.x: Scrolling Springboard lagt Summer Board is no longer disabled
  • Summer Board is disabled by default
  • 4 +5: Time Style, PerPage, Alpha Icon
  • 4 +5: or ring fix
  • 5.x: fix for Last-Ditch KILL or ring
  • 4 +5: Multitouch in HTML wallpaper
  • 2 +3: Springboard crashes solved
  • Sequence of UISound stack corrected
  • Using fallback / * for Wildcard theme

Winterboard is a jailbreak app that lets you different themes on your iPhone can install. This changes the background of your iPhone next to the appearance of, for example all icons on the home screen.

Winterboard is a free download in Cydia Store


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