WinZip 3.0 with a new iOS 7 interface and Dropbox support released

WinZip Computing LLC has announced a major update of the official application for the mobile platform Apple. The  WinZip 3.0 version, which owners can use iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, received the new iOS 7 interface style , AirDrop and native support for seamless integration with the cloud service Dropbox.

 WinZip 3.0 with a new iOS 7 interface and Dropbox support released

WinZip – one of the most popular solutions for compressing files on the computers , which is already more than 20 years the leader in this field. No other programs do not provide the ease of use and do not contain a comparable scope and innovation capability set . WinZip for iOS provides a complete work with files on smartphones and tablets Apple, including password-protected files .

WinZip can open ” zipfiles ” from email attachments, search in archives and receive files using the public access to iTunes. The program can be used as a file manager . Technology support AirDrop in the third version provides the ability to share documents with other people without an Internet connection .

The basic version of WinZip is available in the App Store for free. In a paid WinZip adds native support for Dropbox cloud service with the ability to boot files to the cloud and create shortcuts to send content by email or social networks.

Winzip 3.0 for iOS 7

With WinZip you can not just look in the archives , but also to view office documents contained within Microsoft, file format RTF, PDF, KEY, NUMBERS, PAGES, HTML, and open any image. Unzipped documents can be attached to e-mails or open other applications.

Features of WinZip 3.0 for iOS:

  • The updated design in the style of iOS 7.
  • Support for cloud service Dropbox.
  • Improved interface for managing files .
  • Full support AirDrop.
  • Ability to contact the developers .

If you need a ZIP- archive for your iPhone and iPad, boldly swing the official client WinZip. Download Winzip 3.0 for Android , Windows 8, iPad,  from App store free and pro version[Direct Link].

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