Woman accidentally tosses a rare $200000 Apple 1 computer in the trash



It is not the first time we see one of those curious stories about Apple in which the company ends up being the protagonist unintentionally. Precisely because it is one of the most important companies in the world of technology, more than once have appeared in these early gadgets that although scrap because it may seem antiquated technology, Apple’s stamp worth millions. And if today is one of them.

In this case, today’s news comes from a woman recycling, identity unknown for the moment, took a lot of electronic objects he believed were no longer useful. Among them was one of the first models of Apple that had designed together Steve Jobs and Wozniak in the 70s precisely because there are only units available on the market and because neither of them is already in the company, the price was reached at auction it reached a historical share. This rare Apple computer sold for no less than $200,000.

The green dots policy implies that the money they have earned in sending junk to the auction that is shared equally between him and his mistress. However, the owner did not leave a passport or identification to allow locate to present him with the corresponding $ 100,000. Obviously, if I had known, he never would have thought to throw it away. And most likely, if within that recycling point someone would not recognize the meantime useless gadget that first model Apple computers, that $200,000 would have been lost among so many technological waste. We’ll see if now give the lady the morning of the day has increased his fortune.[Source: MercuryNews]

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