Would you buy a Smart Cover for the Next iPhone?


Regardless of the rumors, the mill is in full swing, there’s if truth be told nonetheless nothing is legendary about how the following new iPhone will appear to be. The attic fashion designer Tobi based totally his thought on the most recent rumors and particularly the covers which can be intended for the upcoming iPhone will have to be. However that’s now not probably the most attention-grabbing given his endured inappropriate iPhone 5 thought. That’s the addition of the Sensible quilt as for the iPad 2 is available.



The question emerges: why not? There are countless possibilities to the back of each generation to protect the iPhone and the choking of the solutions in which the front and rear protection. But a separate cover for the front, the very place that is most important is a touchscreen phone that has no separate, strong cover that should protect it from damage – screen protectors from scratches from nails apart.

Tobi sees the Smart Cover with 5 as the iPhone for themselves as the iPad 2. On the left side of the device are two magnets which you points of attachment of the cover that can connect to.Then it’s a piece of cake to cover the screen or the cover behind the back of the device to fold.

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