Does anyone not know Steve Wozniak? “iWoz” co-founded Apple and creator of the first bite of the apple computer in 1976, the Apple I. This computer was basically a great motherboard. If Steve Jobs had not seen the work of Wozniak would never have had a product to sell and Apple would not exist.

Steve Wozniak recently appeared in a National Geographic program in which he explained that believes it was the biggest difference between Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, both friends and rivals began to emerge when Apple Computer and Microsoft respectively.

Wozniak said in an episode of American Genius:

Steve Jobs had a vision of very futuristic future, almost with a little science fiction, “here’s what life could be,” but Bill Gates had more ability to execute to build what was needed at the time, to build a company at the time, now make profits in the short term. I think that was the main difference between them.

iWoz also ensures that while Jobs could be the most important in the birth of personal computers figure, Gates was the only one who understood how to make money:

You really need to have the vision he had Steve Jobs, but the vision is not going anywhere if you try to jump and build products before they are profitable for what they do, amortization is there. It was during the time of the Macintosh when the world market grew 10 times and Apple did not grow up with him.

(via BusinessInsider)

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