Apple will benefit from the launch of iOS 6 to announce the replacement of the maps provided by Google Maps in favor of its own mapping system in the Maps application, reports the Wall Street Journal . It had been rumored now for several weeks but now confirmed. Indeed, the Wall Street Journal , close to Apple, confirms that  the company is about to abandon Google Maps in iOS 6 to use its own mapping system, carefully crafted for years.


Remember that recent rumors that it was claimed that Apple will have mapping system  in the future, designed to be integrated into the Maps application, should be have a 3D display. 
This system “homemade” would use such map data from OpenStreetMapOpenSource mapping service. In addition to OSM, Apple would also use other technologies, especially those of Placebase and Poly9, companies taken over by Apple last two years, and who special
ized in points of interest and that of C3, a specialist in modeling 3D data was acquired military mapping, also acquired by the Cupertino company.

The newspaper quotes former and current Apple employees whose names do not call them natural. When will highlight exactly Apple Google Maps from your own mobile OS that tells the newspaper does not – it says only that “in the course of the year” will be ready, an announcement was however already own developer conference WWDC conceivable that next Monday San Francisco begins. It is likely that Apple will introduce there the first time in six iOS a beta version.

For Google, this step was certainly bearable, but annoying: Former Google employee explained that the company will initially lose advertising revenue and may collect less data about search requests from users. In the long term but it will be for Google much more difficult to generate revenue with Google Maps in the usual proportions.

In offering its new 3D mapping system, Apple should also offer a way “Street View” that would allow viewing of three-dimensional space and far more advanced “that would provide a just result” incredible, “said the U.S. site.

Recall that the first beta version of iOS 6 should be unveiled at WWDC starting on June 11.

This Wednesday, Google will try to counter this ad with its own conference, expected to unveil a “new dimension” to Google Maps.


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