The Wall Side road Journal is among the extra depended on sources in terms of rumors about future Apple products, because the newspaper was able to show off in the past with a fairly high success rate. Now some new information about the next iPhone experienceconfirmed some speculations.

According to the 
report, Apple has already made ​​orders for future iPhone displays and is maintained by LG Display, Japan Inc. and Sharp display the new screen. Also to the production of the corresponding displays will start next month.This in turn suggests that the next generation iPhone will not be re-released in October and shortly after the WWDC 2012thBut not only the start of production, it is clear from th
e report, but also the future display size has been discussed in detail.

According to Apple, as has been repeatedly confirmed by different sources that a larger screen at least 4 inches.Here, the company must contend with two problems from Cupertino.Firstly, the aspect ratio should not be changed in order to minimize the burden of adjustment for the developers and the other would Apple increase the resolution, thus the term "retinal display" can be maintained. 

Rumors of a 4-inch iPhone, already passed, but often these were rumors from sites that are sometimes able to sit beside. The Wall Street Journal seems to be the most reputable source of such rumors until now.Last week, sources have claimed against iMore that the next iPhone's screen in any case will be greater than 4-inch, if Apple chooses to adjust the screen size.iPhone owners have long speculated about how a 4-inch screen it might look. Increased as a recent concept of the screen by the edges on the side of the screen to remove and left a designer see how apps are on a longer screen might look like.

Apple will certainly not based on the Android manufacturers to raise more and more smartphones to the market, but will try the perfect balance between size and use to find enjoyable.This area is probably between 3.7 – and 4.3-inch lie.The coming months will hopefully bring about more concrete information in order to shorten the waiting time on the iPhone 5.


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