Apple introduced remaining month the respectable dates for the Global Builders Convention on. From 7 to June eleven that you may go to San Francisco's Moscone West convention heart.

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 Now, Apple announced that all tickets have now sold out. WWDC is also the time when details about a possible new iPhone will be unveiled. In three previous years WWDC for Apple to continue the event to announce the new iPhone. This year there are also a number of hands-on labs where developers planned to discover the new iPhone OS.

It is notable that this year there is no Apple Design Awards will be awarded for Mac products. Prices are only honoring creators of iPhone and iPadproducts. There are five prizes for each of these two categories. The prize is awarded to developers who excel in design, technology, innovation, quality, adoption of technology and performance. Each developer can win, there is no procedure for contenders to sign.

For us, attention will focus on the keynote, the developers are the main sessions afterwards. They are focused on five tracks: Application Frameworks, Internet & Web, Graphics & Media, Developer Tools and Core OS. A ticket cost $ 1.599.


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