The day before today night, Apple has now not best up to date the whole MacBook domestic, but additionally presented many enhancements to the tool.This new iOS 6 firmware is predicted to be launched in fall, subsequently with greater than 200 features, amongst different issues, as already anticipated, an Apple proprietary card resolution Siri and developed features.

As well as, customers can look ahead to a future machine-broad Fb integration, enhancements within the telephone app and an entire overhaul of the App Retailer.The primary beta model of iOS 6 is already been launched for registered builders and apple has a devoted web page specially for the new iOS 6  set up.



Apple has already several times in advance as speculation a new card application introduced, replacing Google Maps.Your cards have not only an outward change from the current map app, but also have some unique feature that impress at first sight entirely.So now it's traffic reports can be displayed directly in the maps app, which are fed by collected user data in real time.Also, the company from Cupertino is working together with the restaurant's Yelp portal to provide information about different locations on the map.Even a complete navigation solution can benefit future users and do not need to buy more expensive navigation apps in the App Store.As a highlight of the whole card app so-called "flyover" feature has been introduced, including the impressively detailed 3D views on vector-based.Finally, there is also the terrain and satellite views available.



Of course, the language assistant Siri has received a noteworthy upgrade iOS sixthIn the future, users with the help of Siri even sports results or query to look up the latest movies and trailers.The restaurant will also feature drilled further and now allows direct reservation and a more detailed search for the right place.With the Facebook Integetration Siri gets the opportunity tweets and posts to twitter / facebook to send them by language.Apps can now also be launched directly from Siri.In order to use while driving Siri without a hand movement, the "Eyes Free" was developed in cooperation with the leading car manufacturers.Finally, also gets the new iPad finally the digital language assistants.



As expected iOS 6 contains a system-wide integration of the social network Facebook, and thus offers the opportunity to post photos or messages without proper application.Can now also on Facebook and Twitter messages are sent directly from the notification center.The integration extends to the App Store, where users in the future "liken" apps can.A corresponding programming is also available for the hard-working developers and in the future could include many applications, the Facebook integration.



Apple has also used the phone app and advanced features packed into it.There are now several actions are performed during or after a call.There now exists the possibility, for example, calls automatically with a predefined message and refuse to set up a callback reminder for missed calls.In addition, "do not disturb" a system-wide option can be used in future so that all messages and calls are not put through.This can be to create a pre-defined rest periods or by a simple toggle button in the settings.However, there is still the possibility to allow calls of favorite contacts.



So far, Apple's own Skype competitor FaceTime could only have a wireless connection to be used in the future, but this can also be performed via a mobile Internet connection via UMTS.This jailbreak extensions for FaceTime finally be superfluous, and users can now also use the function on the go.



Also the IOS own browser gets some nice features and is similar to that of its counterpart on OS X Mountain Lion.First, the reading list now also be saved and can be read without an Internet connection through an offline function, through the pages temporarily on the IOS device.On the other tabs can now also on the icloud sync with a Mac computer or iPad.Safari also now allows to easily upload photos directly from the camera roll and full-screen mode works well in landscape mode.

Photo sharing streams


Only with IOS 5.1, the photo stream function has finally got the chance to delete individual photos from the stream, with iOS 6, the function can be expanded and future users of their albums and collections of pictures to share with friends.The split albums are shipped via the icloud via push message and add tough not to the actual icloud-storage.The selected friends can now leave comments on individual pictures and of course "Catholics".But not only iOS users can benefit from the function, because it is possible to create a web album on the device and the link to send e-mail or message.Thus, simple wedding or vacation photos with friends and acquaintances are divided in the future.



Some small improvements have been added to the mail app. Among other things, there is now a VIP list available, can be stored in the favorite contacts.Moreover, it has also sneaked the "pull to refresh" feature in the Mail app and makes it easier in future to update the mail accounts.In addition, photos and videos will be embedded directly via the context menu in new mails.



The app can Passbook coupon or the like are stored in the future all kinds of tickets, such as airline tickets.Also credit and store cards can be password protected secured on the IOS device.The whole thing can be fed to ensure that you look as well at the right terminal is located, or with temporal and spatial dependencies, the IOS device sends a push notification, if the coupon is about to expire.It remains to be seen how the application can work here in Germany and used.

Based user assistance

This new feature should simplify the use of needy people of IOS devices.It can be put to the fore certain applications or shut down completely if necessary.Otherwise, many more features in IOS 6 are included to improve the lives of the IOS device.

Other Features

Of course, the new IOS version too many details, so as to appear even apps in the Safari search results, or it can be set per account individual e-mail signatures.Also can create custom ring tones and vibrations created from songs.The so-called "Lost Mode" will be for one or two of use.This makes it possible to send a number of the lost iPhone, and if anyone has found the device, one can press the button and the number will be dialed automatically.

iOS 6 brings more than 200 features, improvements and other changes with it and will be refined over the next few months.The many small functions will emerge in the coming weeks and over again by the beta version and create a more accurate picture of the final version.


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