It was once no longer unless nowadays that we obtained the confimation Apple will announce  subsequent Monday the brand new iOS 6 firmware. Apple no longer talked about the "future of iOS". But San Francisco is the evidence found: employees who the Moscone Center at the rigging, were detected with an advertising banner which 6 is called IOS . Instagram user Zac Altman noticed the advertising banner and made ​​a picture of it.

In other pictures the banner is still obvious.iOS 5 contained quite a few innovations, such icloud, Message Centre and Kiosk. The expectation is that iOS 6 less will contain new features, but Apple this year will mainly focus on new hardware. The only question is whether we have anything at Apple's WWDC will see, or that Apple will wait until September / October.


Apple has the slogan "The world's most advanced mobile operating system" chosen to iOS 6 to praise – a slogan that little release about the new features we can expect.


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