Apple WWDC for ultimate night time, a loud indicated that "Apple Unique Adventure" shouldn’t be just a few numbers on the corporate introduced, and quite a lot of hardware enhancements such because the retina MacBook Pro introduced, but also presents the latest version of IOS. Few articles has already been written a few about the iOS, as expected, also sparked a debate about the "Innovations".But as the Apple events can not as a live stream now, all interested parties the Apple Special Event again watch full length
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Introduced by Siri, which discharges a few tips in the direction, Google, Android and Samsung.


As expected, Apple today at the WWDC2012 MacBooks introduced a completely new series. The new MacBook series is equipped with the latest Intel processors Ivy Bridge.

• MacBook Air

A new MacBook Air (third generation) with Ivy Bridge processors (up to 2 Ghz dual core i7). Both the 13 "and 11" version remains. The new MacBook Air may be supplied with more than 8GB of RAM (1000 MHz) memory and features a USB 3.0 port. The screen resolutions of both versions remains the same, so no Retina Display.The SSD can be upgraded to 512 GB and the new Air has an HD camera Factime received.


• "Next Generation" MacBook Pro

The new generation MacBook Pro, MacBook Air has a sort of look, and is therefore not equipped with a DVD player and is only 18mm thick and weighs just over 2KG. Unlike the MacBook Air is the new MacBook Pro is equipped with a Retina screen. The 15 "inch version has a resolution of 2880 × 1800 pixels (that is 220 pixels per inch). Mac OS X Lion is standard and is now updated for the Retina Display. There is also a HDMI, combined USB 2.0/3.0 ports and two Thunderbolt present. A FaceTime HD camera can also not be missed.


Apple's Maps service sets, in contrast to the more conservative Google Maps app more emphasis on navigation capability. It also contains a new map service over 100 business listings and traffic reports, including through the accident reports and more can be added. In addition, Apple's app is a "Turn by Turn" function that can be used directly from the lock screen.Of course, the obligatory use of Siri is not missing. Thus, questions like "Are we there yet?" Answered including the exact time of arrival. But the question "Where should I" will be answered. Even a 3-D mode, which is called "flyover" has the new IOS will receive 6-card service from Apple, which appears just after Google's introduction of 3D is very important.



Watch WWDC ‘12 keynote [Official Apple link]

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